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Substitute Preschool Teacher

The Spanish-Speaking Substitute Preschool Teacher, under the supervision of the Director and/or Assistant Director, is responsible for assisting in any classroom as specified by the Director and/or Assistant Director and executing a developmentally based, educational program for the assigned class of children. This is an on-call position located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Mi Escuelita is a five-star preschool; we are a small but diverse community with a true family feel. We value diversity and social justice; all of our staff are paid a living wage. We are a non-profit school that is governed by a Board of Directors.


The mission of Mi Escuelita is as follows:

  • To be a place where people of two languages and cultures come together to share their strengths, preparing children for a future of tolerance and citizenship.

  • To encourage understanding through the Spanish language and culture.

  • To create an integrated community by providing high-quality educational programs that honor diversity and encourage understanding through Spanish language immersion activities for Spanish and English-speaking children, their families, friends, and neighbors.

Major Functions and Responsibilities

  • To assist in any classrooms as specified by the Director/Assistant Director

  • To be responsible for meal time servings and clean up during the work schedule provided

  • To follow proper diapering and toileting procedures

  • Implement daily age-appropriate activities for children that familiarize children with the Spanish language, and Latin American customs, music, food, and traditions

  • Take accurate daily attendance records

  • Supervise children in a group at all times

  • Maintain a clean and healthy environment

  • Observe children for any health problems

  • Notify the supervisor of sickness or injury

  • Maintain all requirements to keep Mi Escuelita in good standing as a licensed 5-star childcare center

  • Observe the center’s discipline policy

In addition, the workload includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Build good communications with other staff to create a professional and teamwork-focused environment;

  • Attend pre-service and in-service training as required by the state

  • Attend training on Spanish immersion educational methods in a majority-English country


  • 18 years or older

  • High school graduate or GED

  • Applicant must be a fluent Spanish speaker and have life experience in Latin American culture such that the applicant is familiar with the customs

  • A current CPR and First Aid certificate within 6 months of employment

  • Twenty hours of training in child development that is taken within the first six months of employment

  • Must be able and willing to take the EDU-119 course to be certified by the state; must be enrolled in the course within 6 months of employment.

  • Preference for candidates who already have a DCDEE Background Check for work in a licensed NC Child Care Center.

  • Basic proficiency in English is preferred but not required.


  • Job Type: Part-time

  • Schedule: As needed on-call

  • Language: Spanish (Required), English (preferred)

  • Work Location: In-person (Chapel Hill, NC)

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