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Fun & Creativity


Mi Escuelita recognizes the importance of a fun, creative, and multicultural learning environment with unique learning opportunities that support children’s growth.

Creative Curriculum

We incorporate the Creative Curriculum in our classrooms to ensure that our children are well prepared to meet important child development milestones, interacting actively with their environment. The Creative Curriculum works on a wide range of abilities and intelligences for all age groups.

Developmental Learning Levels

Teachers prepare a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to advance the progress of every child as well as areas of development relative to their learning level and focusing in play and exploration based learning with monthly themes units. Each day is filled with several opportunities for conversation and interaction, discussion, storytelling and listening, singing and music, reading and writing, among other skill foundations required for formal education in small group setting with individualized instruction.

According to each age, our curriculum helps each child make progress on key developmental domains such as language development, literacy, math, science, creative arts, social emotional development, approaches to learning, and physical health and development.

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