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About Mi Escuelita

Mi Escuelita Spanish immersion preschool is an independent, non-profit five-star licensed preschool and childcare program in Chapel Hill, North Carolina serving a diverse community of children between one and five years of age.

At Mi Escuelita, Spanish speaking children are supported in maintaining their native language and cultural traditions, while English speaking children develop a strong foundation for a second language and exposure to a variety of cultural traditions. All children at Mi Escuelita develop an appreciation and respect for cultural diversity, which helps to integrate and strengthen our community for years to come.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Mi Escuelita Spanish immersion preschool is:

  • To be a place where people of two languages and cultures come together to share their strengths, preparing children for a future of tolerance and citizenship.

  • To encourage understanding through the Spanish language and culture.

  • To create an integrated community by providing high quality educational programs that honor diversity and encourage understanding through Spanish language immersion activities for Spanish and English speaking children, their families, friends, and neighbors.


The vision of Mi Escuelita Spanish immersion preschool is:

  • To be the premier Spanish immersion educational center in North Carolina.

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