Mi Escuelita is built on the strong working relationship we have with the families we serve. We are grateful to all our parents for helping to make Mi Escueltia a shared experience for both children and their families.

Below are a few testimonials from the families of past graduates.


The Zinn Family


“The biggest compliment I can give is that our children, Parker (12 years old) and Orlando (10 years old), still ask to stop by Mi Escuelita and visit the teachers. Our experience there was unlike any other we’ve had since. Not only did our children become fluent in Spanish, but more importantly the teachers made them feel part of a multi-cultural family. And its impact is still evident today in the way our kids appreciate and embrace other cultures. Mi Escuelita was the perfect way to introduce our children to a structured learning environment, while also fostering an appreciation of people who come from different backgrounds.”

-Paige Zinn


The Rogers Family


I actually cried when my daughter Ella graduated from Mi Escuelita. The school had become for us not only a place where she became fluent in Spanish in a natural, living way, not only an excellent preschool where she was prepared so well for kindergarten, not only a warm and lively space where she celebrated other cultures and traditions. Mi Escuelita had become an extension of our family, and we had come to treasure the dedicated teachers and staff as dear friends. We will always carry Mi Escuelita in a special place in our hearts.

-Rebecca Rogers, Carrboro, NC


The Steele-Cobb Family


I was recently at an awards ceremony for students in the Spanish language immersion program at Frank Porter Graham and was thrilled to see multiple former students of Mi Escuelita win awards. This was just another of many, many signs that the teachers at Mi Escuelita do an incredible job with the kids. Our son had a wonderful experience at the school and his little sister is now enjoying the same loving care and attention. For anyone who wants to see their children grow, thrive, and – amazing to watch – learn to speak Spanish along the way, I can’t recommend Mi Escuelita highly enough.

Jeff Cobb, Carrboro, NC


The Raedy Family

Mi Escuelita is staffed by caring, nurturing teachers who genuinely love to work with children. We were so thrilled to have a place for our children where the staff took such good care of their physical, mental and emotional needs. The teachers are all native Spanish speakers, so the immersion is comprehensive. We were so pleased with how quickly our kids began to understand spoken Spanish.

-Jana Raedy


The Cofresí Family

Mi hija Marina asistió a Mi Escuelita por cuatro años, desde que cumplió un año hasta que empezó kinder. Durante ese tiempo aprendió muchas cosas, desde a usar el baño y socializar en un ambiente escolar, hasta empezar a escribir y a leer. Antes de que ella empezó visitamos varias otras pre-escuelas bilingües y Mi Escuelita nos dio la impresión de ser la más atenta a sus estudiantes. Y no nos equivocamos, las maestras, asistentes, la principal, ayudantes, todos demostraron durante ese tiempo un amor y cuidado incomparable con los niños. Por la mañana al dejarla en Mi Escuelita, siempre nos sentíamos en plena confianza de que estaba en muy buenas manos. Marina se graduó de Mi Escuelita llena de confianza en su abilidad de aprender y socializar y con herramientas que la ayudaron a tener éxito en kinder y ahora en primer grado. La base que fundaron las maestras en Mi Escuelita fue excelente; les estaremos eternamente agradecidos.

-Roberto Cofresí


The Burnside-Hancock Family


Mi Escuelita is a second home to us. It is one of the best parts of our life in Chapel Hill, and we feel enriched as an entire family to be part of the Mi Escuelita community. The language, the learning, and the love are all great gifts in our lives. Perhaps the greatest gift is the teachers themselves and their dedication to our children, their development and their safety. I remain amazed that each and every teacher–who I have now seen for many years day after day–has such warmth and happiness and an endless ability to nurture and be patient with every child. This is the magic of M. E.!

-Leslie Burnside


The Vandersea Family

At Mi Escuelita, you quickly feel like part of one big family.  You can tell from the care and attention that the teachers give to the children that their love is genuine.  Each morning at drop-off, you can leave there knowing your child will be safe, happy, and nurtured until you return.  Best of all, the children learn Spanish at an age when their minds are little sponges — absorbing new words each day in a natural setting.  They also learn to appreciate different cultures and to establish friendships across boundaries that weren’t possible back when I was a preschooler.  The opportunity to be a part of such a stimulating & loving environment has been a treasure for my 3 children, and for our entire family!

– Karen Vandersea


The Van Raay Family

Photo Van Raay Family for Mi Escuelita

Mi Escuelita is a loving, nurturing environment that promotes a strong sense of community. We have 3 children that attended the preschool and were well prepared for kindergarten. The teachers at Mi Escuelita know how to encourage tolerance, acceptance and biculturalism. Our family had a very positive experience there.

– Renée Van Raay